Rok obrotowy 2012

Ogółem sprzedaż netto dokonana przez Grupę Habasit w 2012 roku wzrosła o 1,7%

Grupa EBIT spadła nieznacznie o 6,5% w porównaniu do rekordowego 2011 roku. Przyczyną tego stanu rzeczy były trudne warunki w południowej Europie, drugiego co do wielkości obszaru przychodów firmy Habasit. Stan środków pieniężnych Grupy w 2012 ponownie się umocnił, a wskaźnik kapitału własnego został powiększony do ponad 73%.


Total net sales in CHF 

608.4 million
598.3 million
+ 1.7%
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)
- 6.5%

Our reputation for quality, performance and innovation
Habasit has an excellent reputation in the industry for its high-performance, quality products. This is primarily due to the quality mindset of our employees, as well as to our continuous engineering and research efforts, which are directed at improving our products and manufacturing and fabrication technologies in order to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. With total planned investments in 2013 equal to 8% of revenues, we continue to reinforce our technology leadership. For example, we are developing a new proprietary process for the manufacture of positive driven belts. The superior products this produces complement our modular and traditional fabric belt ranges.

A never ending journey to continuous improvement
We are proud of our achievements and continuous improvement in many areas. Our service culture, flexibility and responsiveness to the requirements of the market have been substantially upgraded. Major investments are being made in training and in developing state-of-the-art business processes and systems, such as our new SAP system, due to go live at the beginning of 2014.

Business outlook
Habasit was able to further consolidate its leadership position in the industry in 2012. We believe that this was a direct result of our efforts to become the preferred source of belting solutions, and this remains our motivation to continue improving in all areas.

In spite of the still uncertain economic conditions we expect to achieve also in 2013 a moderate organic sales growth and a solid financial performance. Several non organic initiatives will progressively kick in the course of the year contributing to additional revenue and profit.

The shareholders, management team and all Habasit employees are committed to making Habasit an even better company in future, and to creating new opportunities for our customers, employees and business partners.

Thomas Habegger Andrea Volpi
Chairman of the Habasit Holding AG CEO of Habasit AG